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Who we are

We are distributors of high quality merchandise for the retail sales. We pride ourselves with stocking all our merchandise and providing the fastest service so our customers can be very profitable and not lose any sales. As a family owned and operated business staffed by professionals most of our staff got their “business expertise” in the same types of retail ventures that our customers are involved in. That’s why the fact is that our business is really helping our customers grow their business.

Over the past years we grew our business as our customers grew their businesses, enabling expansion of our merchandise and product lines so our customers, as well as us, could grow our respective businesses even more.

Without our customers, their faith in our products, and their loyalty to our company, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Our mission

Deliver Environmentally Responsible Client Services

Provide Employees with an Attractive Working Environment

Be an Active Community Partner

Maintain High Ethical Standards

Drive Continuous Improvement

Freight Security

Fast and friendly service

Our highly efficient customs brokerage

Clearance and compliance service

We ensure complete security

Our partners